Reborn Silicone Babies: Life Like Dolls

Mankind has been playing with dolls since time immemorial. These dolls have become more and more sophisticated and ife like with passage of time and availability of modern doll making techniques. But you have seen nothing more impressive and life like if you have not seen Click this website. These are dolls that look exactly like human infants. Created painstakingly by artists referred to as reborners, these dolls are created with the help of a material called silicone.


People are tempted to buy one when they see these dolls

It was in early 90s that the world saw these human infants look alikes for the first time. Since then, these baby dolls have become more and more refined and impressive. Anyone who sees these dolls and can also afford them easily is not able to resist the temptation to buy one as a collectible. Many old age couples buy these dolls and play with them as if they were playing with a real human baby.


Although reborn silicone babies are also being mass produced, it is the ones handmade by artists in a painstaking manner that is more in demand and also highly priced. The reason why these silicone babies are so highly priced (you have to pay more than hundred dollars to take home one) is the skill level that is required on the part of the artist. Also, it takes a long time for a single baby doll to be completed by an artist as he has to pay attention to the minutest of details such as veins and dimples on the cheeks. The skin of these dolls is wrinkled just what is the case with newborns.


To make reborn silicone babies even more realistic, individual strands of hairs are grafted on the heads as using wigs would beat the purpose of creating them.